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Movement Prep

Active Recovery

Mobility WOD

Load & Fatigue Analysis

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See how Fathom’s plug & play personalized recovery API can add immediate value to your app or digital fitness business.

Running Apps

Add new revenue streams and drive more user interactions

Training Apps

Reduce injury & fatigue rates and deliver more value to users.

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“We consider Fathom a partner. The API has been really easy to work with and brings amazing value to our user base. On top of that, the consultation and support provided by their team through the integration process has actually made our content and data cleaner and more versatile. ”

Effective and Scientifically Validated

“Fathom effectively monitors what stresses the athlete has been subjected to over the course of a workout, while gleaning additional information from the movement analysis on how they responded to it to build an optimal recovery.”

Read the Research

See the science behind Fathom and how we can help your users recover up to 3x faster & reduce over 60% of common injury risk factors

Here's how it works:

Workout Data

We intake your workout content to assess the muscular demand on your users. Data includes:

Sets & Reps*

” * ” denotes minimum required data for most applications

Endurance Sport Data

We’ll intake endurance training parameters to assess strain on the athlete. Data includes:

Heart Rate
Machine Resistance
Surface & Shoe Stability
Training Type* (running, cycling, rowing, ski, etc)

” * ” denotes minimum required data for most applications

User Demographics

User demographics help us tailor our predictive analytics. Data includes:

Experience level
Training history

Athlete Questionnaires

User-reported data is an important component to assessing athlete readiness and recovery need:

Workout RPE*
Sleep Quality
Sleep Duration
Soreness, Tightness & Pain (Recommended. Design assets & UX support provided.)

” * ” denotes minimum required data for most applications

Structure your data

We’ll map your content to our rich database of over 2000 biomechanical movements and optimize your configurations for our AI services.

Fathom can also provide support for improving your data quality and DB architecture.

Select Your Content

Use our video library of over 300 recovery movements in your app or map to your own branded content.

Recovery exercises include foam rolling, static stretching, active stretching, dynamic flexibility, and bodyweight integrated movements.

Configure Your ML Services

Through a consultation with a Fathom AI solutions engineer, we’ll work with you to configure your parameters and priors to your unique content, user base, and use cases.

Movement Prep

Stretching, foam-rolling, and targeted muscle activation movements created for each athlete to move their best in each workout.

Active Recovery

Dynamic movements and stretches designed to flush waste from tissues and proven to reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness up to 3x more effectively than other recovery methods when done post-training.

Mobility Workouts

Create stand-alone mobility workouts tailored to each user’s body and training plan. With time, Fathom AI can estimate an athlete’s potential risk factors to further personalize the Mobility WOD with corrective exercise.

Cold Water Immersion

Fathom learns about a user’s habitual training patterns to estimate the optimal time to recommend active rest measures like “Ice baths” to maximum recovery effectiveness.

Performance & Progress Analysis

Fathom tracks workload and other attributes to provide performance assessments at Session, Weekly, Monthly resolutions.

Assessments include global load and muscle-group-specific competency tracking to capture athlete progress by adaptation type (ie, gaining strength, power, endurance, etc.)

Reliable and Easy to Integrate

Concierge Support

Out-of-the-box API, assets, & UX support

Recovery Content Library

300+ recovery movement videos

Reliable Service

consistent service with 99.9% uptime

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